QUEST DESIGNS - Property-Styling & Makeover Specialists

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About Us


QUEST Designs is a property-styling and makeover company committed to helping property owners/investors experience hassle-free property rejuvenation. Our prime focus is on investment properties, covering both residential and commercial types, including hotels.

Unlike traditional interior designers, QUEST Designs work to add maximum value to investment properties for sale or rental purposes. QUEST Designs is Malaysia's premier home makeover and renovation company.

QUEST Designs is a subsidiary of Garrett-Pacific Corporation Sdn. Bhd., a property investment and development company in Malaysia. Therefore, as property investors, we understand the importance of adding value to properties using the most appealing but cost-efficient designs to achieve the highest possible value for the properties. Minimal cost for maximum impact!

QUEST Designs improves our clients’ properties' value and creates luxurious spaces through creative designs and effective project management.  Our designs are always based on the latest trends and designs, and we are constantly in-touch with the consumers’ tastes and expectations to ensure that each and every one of our designs and makeovers on our clients’ properties are marketable and desirable. This is why we call our service “Property-Styling”.

QUEST Designs provides fast and affordable Property-Styling solutions. Our complete makeovers usually take only 14-30 days, from start to finish, depending on the size of the property. This is made possible through our experience, professionalism and team approach. We understand the market sentiments, and we design and deliver stunning results, creating value-adding and visually-pleasing and stylish properties for our clients’ purposes – be it for sale or for rental.

Our makeovers are so complete that the new owners or tenants of the properties can move in with just their suitcases!